Dear L.,

There is no earthly reason we shouldn’t be off somewhere on earth being best friends. We share a best friend, which itself is plenty of reason because I don’t know about you, but I think lots of people suck a little and I don’t know how to talk to them. I think wherever we would be best friends must be fabulous, bourbon in the drinking fountains and mandatory funny cat videos on a loop in the background. Yes, I would feed your cat while you went on vacation. Yes, I would ask you to wine-cork my back-splash, because yours looked so rad and because we can make our lives look just like the women’s lives look on Pinterest. I imagine there would be lots of baking, lots of books. Maybe all the good friendships should be book clubs. We write. We have so many sons, how do we write? Every time you Instagram a half-full mason jar, I heart it. I hope you are never lonely. Even when we’re choosing to, we shouldn’t have to drink alone. I write to you because sometimes we do.

xo S


Love letters to my Facebook friends project