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Want me to write you a love letter on my blog? To the comments with you!

All I can think about lately is how much I want to quit Facebook. Then I want to post that on Facebook. Hello there, fence I’ve been on before. Um. More than once.

When you can embed two relevant self-authored links in your very short lead, you probably oughta make a damn decision already, huh?

Problem is–and I’m not pretending it’s a unique problem that only I have–there are people with whom 1) I would like to stay in contact with but 2) my only means of contact is Facebook. I don’t want to “lose” those people. But I don’t want to be at that party anymore.

I kinda thought making my own space would be like throwing my own party, but my invitations could be better. Hence this idea I have to write love letters to (some of) my Facebook friends, here on the blog.

First, it will keep me posting regularly, and not about the same old things.

Second, I can share the posts on Facebook (from a converted person-to-author page, which I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and need to just DO already) so said friends can see the posts and maybe say hi here, or at least know where I “live” now, and that I haven’t forgotten them. Don’t want to forget them. Want to be remembered by them. (Does that sound like I’m dying? I’m not. I mean, I am. We all are. But…forget it.)

Third, who doesn’t like getting a love letter?

So, I’m polling for opinions. Would someone you only know from social media writing you a love letter on her blog and tagging you in it on FB freak you out or make your day? If the love letters are of the epistolary poem persuasion–i.e., kinda lyrical and pretty and interesting–would they appeal to more than just the person about/to whom they are written? Should I just stay on FB? lol. I welcome comments and suggestions.

And if we’re friends* on Facebook and you want me to write you a letter, by all means, speak up. xoxo

UPDATE 2/5/16: I think I’ve decided to keep the letters anonymous. That is, I won’t name you outright. I realized that giving names limits what I feel comfortable sharing in the letters. I don’t want to say anything about you that you don’t want people to know! That said, if I write you a letter, I WILL share it with you. But I won’t tag you when I post it, and I won’t address you by name. Maybe initials, maybe a made-up nickname? Logistics to come.

UPDATE 2/8/16: Restating that the subjects of love letters will be “…people with whom 1) I would like to stay in contact with but 2) my only means of contact is Facebook.” Sorry, Mom/Dad/bro/besties/co-workers/coffee shop dude.

* Cumulative list of love letters