Sometimes, despite all the chaos of trying to have a writing life in addition to a solo working mom life, I do publish outside of this blog. Here are some selections:

DH cover

Dear Hollow, a chapbook of prose poems on domestic violence aftermath, dancing girl press 2019


Parenting to save us all from toxic masculinity, Hold the Line, issue #3, fall 2018

Victim-blaming essay image

Victim-blaming abuse survivors is re-abusing them: How we can all be better, Heart & Humanity Magazine, 6/15/18


breastfeeding essay

I failed at breastfeeding my micro-preemie, Blood+Milk Magazine, 4/7/18


Sarah and Stacia 2016

Without this woman, I would have lost myself to abuse, Bustle 3/30/18



Disciplining my preschooler is triggering me, Scary Mommy 5/22/17



Slaying the patriarchy: Everything I need to know, I learned 20 years ago from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Salon, 3/10/17


Like It Never Happened: A former editor and columnist on why they left Revolution John, Quaint Magazine blog, 10/10/15

Separation of art and hate: Abusers, stay out of lit, Delirious Hem, 10/17/14

Why I never write negative book reviews, guest post for Martin Ott’s WriteLiving, 1/29/14



Lullabies to Paralyze (after Queens of the Stone Age), Memoir Mixtapes p. 46, 6/15/18

Trendelenburg, Literary Mama, 1/17/18

Welcome home, Deer Hollow, and I was never good at math, Menacing Hedge, 4/10/17

How to really watch the borders, Heavy Feather Review, 1/19/17

Anniversary; I keep all my honesty down the barrel of a gun-; and I’m glad we had this talk, The Honeyed Quill, 8/5/16

The hunting cabinAnimal: A Beast of a Literary Journal, 7/1/16

Train of Thought, Connotation Press issue IV, vol. VI, March 2015

Escape Velocity: A Fable, UCity Review #8

Tamper, Stone Highway Review, May 2013

Post-Apocalyptic, Best of the Net 2011 (originally appeared in decomP, also anthologized in decomP‘s Best of Ten Years)

Collective Unconscious, Accents Publishing blog, 10/23/13

Two poems (Fate and Spell), MadHat Annual #15 (2013)


antidote (Winged City Press, 2013)

antidote (Winged City Press, 2013)

Versus (BlazeVOX, 2011)

Versus (BlazeVOX, 2011)


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