smfleegalI’m Stacia Fleegal, and this blog is about how I write, mother, and try.

I’m a poet, essayist, editor, online writing instructor, intersectional feminist, nature lover, music freak, child of the 90s, unsophisticated foodie, solo mama of a happy little preschooler named Jax, synesthete, Taurus, Aries rising, INFJ…but wait, there’s more.

I’m a domestic violence survivor. Sometimes I go there, and I use content warnings so you can bookmark and read when you’re ready.

I’m always learning, listening, and trying to be a better citizen, because systemic oppression is real and the world is broken and I want it to be better for everyone, including the son I’m raising. I’m into mindfulness and self-care, but I’m also into direct action and advocacy. He is #NotMyPresident.

I write to make, to make sense, to make pretty, to make connections, to make silence less silent.

My entire life is saying whatever the hell I want, then feeling anxious about it later. I will never not say whatever the hell I want. I hope someday to not be anxious about it.

Present obsessions: memoir, how our brains code memories, teaching Jax to write and swim, my next tattoo, my savings account, my Fit Bit, political resistance on a local level, and the Riot Grrrl Google music station.

Forever obsessions: poetry, farmer’s markets, leather, walks in the woods, Jax’s curls, sarcasm, Basil Hayden’s, driving fast with the windows down, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Pearl Jam.

I’ve published two full-length and three chapbook poetry collections, most FullSizeRenderrecently antidote (Winged City Press 2013). My poems have appeared in North American Review, Barn Owl Review, Fourth River, UCity Review, decomP‘s Best of 10 Years anthology, Crab Creek Review, Knockout, Best of the Net 2011, NELLE, Menacing Hedge, Literary Mama, Memoir Mixtapes, and more; and were recently nominated for Best of the Net 2017. My nonfiction has appeared at Salon, Bustle, Scary Mommy, ESME (Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere), Quaint Magazine, Open Thought Vortex,  Delirious Hem, and Blood+Milk Magazine. I’ve been nominated for a Pushcart Prize three times, but I don’t really know what that means. I am director of the Center for Creative Writing. In 2006, I co-founded Blood Lotus with Teneice Durrant and we ran it for 10 years. I also work for the Peace & Conflict Studies program at a small, private liberal arts college in the woodsy central PA hometown I’ve grown to adore, and I serve as VP of the board of my local domestic violence survivor advocacy organization. I’m writing a memoir. Like, right this second, I’m probably writing some part of a memoir in my head or on scraps of old bills. There are also poems.


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