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news-1729539_1920I’m going to start doing must-read posts, and I imagine I’ll be linking to Ijeoma Oluo’s work a lot.

I’ve been following Oluo’s writing at The Establishment and The Guardian for a while now, and have been obsessed since I read “When I said all Trump supporters are white supremacists, I meant it.” She drunk-tweeted the debates, and it was a balm. I highly recommend her because she pulls no punches and is relentless in reminding us that we have a long way to go in eradicating racism and sexism. She gets trolled and harassed–which means she’s hitting alt-right, fragile-white nerves. I love her.–so maybe we could drop by once in a while and comment on her stuff and/or tweet at her with an emphatic, empathic fuck yes.

And, we could listen and do what she tells us to do.

It would be easy to despair, but Oluo came blazing out of 2016 and into 2017 with “Here are seven ways you can keep fighting for justice in 2017” at The Guardian, because vacation is OVER.

This is my must-read for the week.