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As promised, I have created a page here to feature the stories of survivors.

I’ve been gathering links to survivor narratives for some time now. I tried to feature a variety of voices and genres (TED Talks, poetry, journalism, personal essays), and the perspectives of witnesses, too (because witnessing violence is also surviving it, if not firsthand).

I did not include every link I have, because I want people to read what is there, rather than be burdened by hundreds of links. This list comprises the pieces that I found when I needed them most, and which spoke to me with incredible volume and gave me strength. I will slowly grow the list, and will probably add a short summary of each piece so that readers can more easily find stories that will benefit them most.

Please feel free to send me links, either via my contact form or in the comments.

And please, support the writers brave enough to speak up. ❤