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Photo by Flickr user Alex Indigo (Creative Commons license).

I seem to be sharing a lot more, and from a deeper well, than usual lately.

It’s not because I’m less anxious. It’s not because I feel safe doing so. It’s because everywhere I turn, there are more people being abused by their partners. Everywhere I look, there are more people ignoring, dismissing, doubting, and blaming the victims.

In the spirit of my post last week on how breaking silence is work, I think I’m sharing more in a small attempt to counteract all the misconception and indifference.

But I’m by far not the only one writing about these issues, and would like my blog to be a resource as well. I would like to start a page here that features links to other essays, posts, and poems on the topic of domestic violence. I want to promote necessary voices.

I have a good list going on my hard drive, but I need your help to expand it. Please share your links to writing about DV in the comments. I will even consider guest posts on the topic (drop me a line on my contact form if interested). My blog is not the largest audience you will ever have, but it’s here, linkable, and safe!

Next week, I will launch the page and share it in the comments as well. Thanks in advance.