Freak-out happy to be included on this incredible list of essays about the state of lit in the past year. I remember reading many of these essays the day they were published.

When your community feels unsafe, idiotic, and like it’s falling apart, the ones who stand up by sitting down to write in criticism of it–they are your tribe. All these writers, including my collaborator, Savannah, made me feel less alone this year.

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There was a lot being said about many things in the literary world this year, and we want to keep those conversations going.  Therefore, in no particular order, 2015’s best online transformative literary essays:

1. “In Retrospect

by The Offing

“My advice would be that queer spaces can be anywhere. They can be in your backyard. They can be on your bookshelf. They can be wherever you are. Even somewhere as simple as in a letter to a penpal. Queer spaces don’t have to be in a club or bar.”

2. “How the Literary Class System Is Impoverishing Literature

by Lorraine Berry

“And while class disparity manifests in all sectors of society, for those who seek careers in literature, class differences have a huge impact on who gets hired and who gets published. This, in turn has a real effect on the portrayal of class in…

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