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See a penny, pick it up... Photo by Flickr user .imelda (Creative Commons license).

See a penny, pick it up… Photo by Flickr user .imelda (Creative Commons license).

I said I was going to free write every day in June. It’s the 24th, and I have 23 pieces of…memoir in flash?

I’ll get out my label-maker another time.

I’m going to do something I never ever do and share creative writing on my blog. I don’t even really know why–why I never do this, or why I’m doing it now, only that it occurred to me to do it, so I am.

This one is from the 18th, and it’s called

Every little bit helps

Once I got this fortune cookie that said “Do not overlook small fortunes on your path,” and right outside the Chinese restaurant afterward, I found a quarter on the sidewalk, picked it up. I was sad, I needed something, and it was shiny and new. The next day a dime gleamed up at me from a parking lot, and when I saw a burnished penny outside my office, I almost stepped over it, almost didn’t bother, but then I did. I remembered the fortune cookie, a small-fortune-on-my-path itself, plus the 35 cents. 36 cents. Ever since, I am someone who picks up pennies, who knows how many by now, except this one in my sad friend’s driveway. I keep waiting for her to pick it up so I feel I’ve passed on paper wisdom, the small but sweet cookie lesson, and she never does. I leave it as an annoying offering, right at the edge of the gasoline stain, where it can’t buy its way in out of the rain.