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I told myself I wasn’t going to wait for fully formed essays to spring from my head like a child of Zeus. I told myself I was going to write every day in June, free write, nonfiction, flash-style. Memoir in flash, is what I’m calling it.

I tell myself these things–and now, I tell my blog, who tells you–so that I actually do them. And it works.

So far in June: six blog posts for two different blogs, 10 pieces of flash-memoir-free-write-nonfiction-y things, a book review, two poems, and a complete draft of a new essay.

Now I’m like, I can do this all the time! I could write every day! (I couldn’t. I’m tired.) But…what if I did a month on, month off, of daily writing? What if I start applying to residencies and retreats? (I can’t. Do they have daycare? I can’t.)

Whatever it is you love to do, just make time for it. I don’t have time. I stay up about 20 mins later than usual now, to make myself write. I write, and then I write about writing. Just do your thing. Best advice I can offer anyone.