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Pinterest books boardThe post title says it all.

I have a sinus infection, so I’m choosing to look at my absence from AWP this year–a year I really wanted to go, because it’s been a while, and because Minneapolis, and because dang I could use a getaway and/or reunion with the lit world–as “there in spirit,” because you’re all probably gonna come home sick, anyway. I have the sick jump on everybody.

Get the visual here: I’m propped up in bed, shivering under a furry leopard print blanket, tissues everywhere, too buzzed on decongestants to nap very long, and trying to think of ways to stay occupied and feel productive without having to think TOO too much. Aha. To Pinterest!

A while back, I started a poetry/books board because I liked the idea of a visual collection of book covers, and book covers linking to reviews and blog posts seemed to be a good use of an image-based social media site. I used to run this poetry blog for the newspaper where I worked. But guess what happens when you used to run a poetry blog for a newspaper where you worked and then you leave that newspaper? No one left cares enough about poetry to keep it going. Womp womp. Fortunately, a caring former colleague figured out how to migrate my blog into the existing and still running books blog. Still, every post and review I’d pinned from the po blog now sported a dead link on my Pinterest board, so voila, a mundane but worthy task presented itself to me on my sick bed: update old links, add new links, spiff up my bibliophilic Pinterest presence.

I also made homemade soup today. Baby steps to being a functional person again. (Hmm, now that I think of it, I should update my Edible board, too…)

Because I’m regularly blogging for the Center now, I added some pins to recent posts there. I just reviewed Wendy Ortiz’ memoir Excavation there, so check it out.

If, you know, you aren’t too busy at the AWP book fair/Prince dance party/stalking famous poets.

I’m not jealous. Sniffle. I’m not crying, I’m sick.