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Spaghetti made out of zucchini! With shrooms! In alfredo! Eat it and like it.

Spaghetti made out of zucchini! With shrooms! In alfredo! Eat it and like it.

I used to think being described as “preachy” or “demanding” was a horrible thing. It’s something I’ve actively tried not to do, for a very long time, to varying degrees of success.

Mostly, this relates to food. I love food, as evidenced by the fact that I don’t have a food blog but I sort of blog about food constantly. I’m an 11-year pesco-lacto-ovo vegetarian (i.e., I eat fish, dairy, and eggs, but no other animal products). I’ve been the victim of countless, shameless attempts to coerce or trick me into eating meat, and it sucks, and I never wanted to do that to anyone else with, say, tempeh or kale.

The times, they are a-changing. If I can eat a bite of bacon once in a while, you can try a bite of kale. Tangent: have you ever eaten kale fried in leftover bacon grease? Sayin.

So my parents eat almost no vegetables and it’s really starting to concern me. How are they still alive? So I bought this little thingy that turns zucchini (or any vegetable you can fit into the input part of the thingy) into what looks like spaghetti. Don’t come to this blog looking for technical terms. It’s a thingy that makes veggies into spaghetti noodles. Roll with it.

I made zucchini lasagna with sauteed mushrooms in garlic alfredo sauce and served it to my parents and toddler.

I was legit more worried that my parents wouldn’t eat it than I was that my occasionally picky toddler wouldn’t eat it.

They all surprised me by devouring it in multiple helpings. I was planning on eating the leftovers for lunch the next day, but guess what? There were none. They sort of raved about it, and I ended up making a bean burger for the next day’s lunch. Which no one would try. Siiiiigh.

The moral of this quick post is to provide you with a food pic (always a good blogging strategy) and to encourage you to encourage your loved ones to EAT A FRICKIN GREEN THING once in a while.

It’s not preachy or demanding. It’s love. Now eat your zucchini.