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I'm not afraid to admit I heart this book.

I’m not afraid to admit I heart this book.

It occurs to me that my post of last week might come off as reading snobbery. Read Fifty Shades of Grey, if it makes you happy. For real. It doesn’t make me happy to even read ABOUT reading it, so that’s why I chose not to.

Still, I love me some guilty pleasure reading. Here is a short list of stuff I’ll read again and again without caring whether it’s literary enough, or a NYT bestseller, or even well written…

1. Harry Potter!

2. Little Blue Truck. To the moms out there who are tired of reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and Goodnight, Moon ad nauseum, this cute book about a little truck helping a big truck get un-stuck from the mud is a nice change. There are morals, there are farm animals to point out, there is onomatopoeia, and there’s a sing-songy rhyme scheme that actually doesn’t make you hate your life. Enjoy.

3. Crystal identification manuals. I’m new-age-y.

4. Books on astrology. I’m still new-age-y.

5. People Magazine. Sue me. The former entertainment/features journalist in me needs to know what is going on in celebrity, ahem, news.

That’s all the confessing I feel like doing today.

Read on, read anything, only READ!

What’s your (guilty reading) pleasure?